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Ghirvu Alina Irina

Date identificare
Ghirvu Alina Irina
Perioada: 2005-2008
Institutia de invatamant: UBB Cluj-Napoca, Facultatea de Stiinte Economice si Gestiunea Afacerilor
Specializarea: Statistica si Previziuni Economice
Titlul obtinut la absolvire: Licenta in Statistica si Previziuni Economice
Perioada: 2008-2010
Institutia de invatamant: UBB Cluj-Napoca, Facultatea de Stiinte Politice, Administrative si ale Comunicarii
Specializarea: Productie Media
Titlul obtinut la absolvire: Masterat in Productie Media
Atitudinea consumatorilor fata de publicitatea prin jocuri video online


Pop Marius - Dorel
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Articole prezentate
Perioada desfasurarii: 2011
Denumire conferinta: International Conference on Marketing – “Marketing from information to decision” (MID) Editia a 4-a
Institutia organizatoare: Facultatea de Ştiinţe Economice şi Gestiunea Afacerilor, Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca
Titlu articol prezentat: Advergames: marketing advantages and risks involved
Cuvinte cheie: advergame, advertising, marketing
Abstract: Electronic games have become a great cultural phenomenon as they exceed it’s geographical, demographic, ethnical, cultural, social and political limitations. This reality made a lot of marketers perceive the great potential that encountering of games and advertising has in increasing the brand messages receptiveness. Recent studies showed that advergames are more effective and pleasant for public than TV commercials, and can create a positive brand image, followed by purchasing intention. Also, they are cheaper and easier to implement. In spite of these obvious advantages, the new communication channel has its risks and companies have to find the right formula to obtain the intended results. Based on secondary data, this paper tries to presents a theoretical systematization of the main characteristics of advergames that bring advantages to companies that use them. Also it tries to highlight features that involve a high risk rate and brought law modifications and new regulations for protecting the consumer.
Format electronic: Format electronic
Dovezi privind participarea: Dovezi privind participarea
Perioada desfasurarii: 2013
Denumire conferinta: International Conference - ,,European Integration – New Challenges, EINCO 2013, Ediţia a 9-a, 24-25 Mai 2013
Institutia organizatoare: University of Oradea , Romania
Titlu articol prezentat: Factors Responsible For Consumer’s Attitude Towards Advergames
Cuvinte cheie: consumer’s attitude, video games, advertising, advergames, online
Abstract: Internet technology, as well as development of mobile phone was fast adopted by people for recreational, economical and business reasons. The web-based technology development and the new communication systems made marketers to orientate their promotional campaigns and efforts towards new ways of reaching their actual and potential client. They started to use new and innovative ways to get public’s interest and to encourage purchase. In this context, Internet offered a complex environment to support the development of innovative brand strategies. One of the emerging new techniques in advertising is advergaming. Advergames represent the use of video game interactive technology for delivering brand messages to public. They are electronic games accessible on companies own websites, on social media sites and on application which can be downloaded on mobile devices. For marketers is important to understand the way that advergames work and what consumer’s attitude towards this practice is. The formation of attitude depends on a series of factors which are common to all types of advertisements based on Internet technology. These factors responsible for consumers’ attitude towards online advertising and implicit for attitude formation over advergames are informative component, source credibility, entertainment, and irritation. Beside these four elements, there are additional criterions which consumers use for evaluating advertising in video games: the viral component, interactivity and telepresence. For marketers it is important to understand these factors and to find practical ways for using them for a better brand communication and for higher results of advertising campaigns which include the use of advergames as part of the promotional strategy. The present paper is looking to make a description of the factors influencing consumer’s attitude formation towards advergames, in conjunction with the Internet environment and the specific features of this media channel. The presentation of the relevant factors is based on the fundamental elements defining consumer’s attitude and it’s particularities in online environment.
Format electronic: Format electronic
Dovezi privind participarea: EINCO Programme Ghirvu Alina
Perioada desfasurarii: 2013
Denumire conferinta: International Conference - ,,European Integration – New Challenges, EINCO 2013, Ediţia a 9-a, 24-25 Mai 2013
Institutia organizatoare: University of Oradea , Romania
Titlu articol prezentat: Consumers’ Attitude Towards Video Games And Their Use As An Advertising Method: A Preliminary Study
Cuvinte cheie: consumers’ attitude, video games, advertising, Romanian market
Abstract: The development of new media changed radically the markets and made companies and brands to orientate toward new ways of promoting their products and services. Marketers are intensively investigating the potential of new advertising alternatives to better understand and use of the advantages offered by the interactive online environment. In the Internet context, studying consumers’ perception of advertising with new media setup became very important for understanding the way that computer and video games are perceived and accepted by the public and in what ways they could be used for promotional purposes. The present paper investigates the basic elements that define opinions, feelings and attitude of consumers from Romania towards video games in general and advertising in online games in particular, trying to find and describe a series of aspects regarding consumers’ grade of acceptance towards video games as an advertising tool and social acceptance of this practice. The lack of studies regarding Romanian consumers’ opinions regarding video games and their use for advertising purposes justified the necessity of researches on this matter. These kinds of studies could help advertisers in choosing advergames as a communication tool, and to take in consideration video games as part of their promotional strategy. The present study used the qualitative method of semi-structured in-depth interview and represents a preliminary study for investigating the basic elements that help in defining consumers’ attitude towards the use of video games as a promotional tool. The data analyze identified six dimensions which could be used for describing the Romanian consumers’ attitude towards video games. Results illustrate the essence of interviews applied on ten volunteers and show that in general Romanian consumers have positive feelings towards advertisements in video games and they are willing to accept them as long as they are not intrusive, are not disturbing the game play or there are advantages at product acquisition.
Format electronic: Format electronic
Dovezi privind participarea: EINCO Ghirvu Alina
Articole publicate
Revista/Volum: The U.S.V. Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Volume 12, Issue 1(15), 2012, Section 1
Anul publicarii: 2012
Indexare BDI: RePec, DOAJ, EBSCO, Cabell’s Directory.
Titlu articol: In-Game Advertising: Advantages and Limitations for Advertisers
Cuvinte cheie: in-game advertising, product placement, online advertising, video game, gamer
Abstract: The increase fragmentation of mass-media and the decline on television efficiency in promotion and market targeting, determined the appearance and development of new methods, more efficient for communicating with consumers, especially for gaining attention of those who are not for the moment consumers of a specific brand. The attempt of finding new promotion methods, video games found a place as a new advertising environment. In-game advertising is remarkable due to its numerous benefits, firstly due to the online environment were it operates, and secondly due to its strong connection to entertaining, witch increases the acceptance rate of the consumers. In-game advertising, the technique of presenting advertising into the virtual environment of a video game, gains more and more sympathizers among brands who chose to become present in this environment. Online video games offers special advantages of communication and interaction between brand and its public, brings advantages that has been exploited only partially, but also implies limitations that marketers have to take count of when they chose to use this environment for their promotion purposes. This paper tries to presents a theoretical systematization, based on secondary data, of the specific elements of in-game advertising, concentrating on classification, potential and limitations that this type of promotion implies for advertisers.
Format electronic: Format electronic
Dovezi privind publicarea: Dovezi privind publicarea
Institutia primitoare:
De la:
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Institutia primitoare: Centre for Regional Science Umea University (CERUM), Umea,Suedia
De la: 1/04/2012
Pana la: 30/09/2012

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