Doctoratul: O cariera atractiva in cercetare

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Marginas Raluca

Date identificare
Marginas Raluca
Perioada: 2005-2008
Institutia de invatamant: Universitatea Babes-Bolyai
Specializarea: romana-engleza
Titlul obtinut la absolvire: BA
Perioada: 2008-2010
Institutia de invatamant: Universitatea Babes-Bolyai
Specializarea: Istoria Imaginilor-Istoria Ideilor
Titlul obtinut la absolvire: MA
Romanul grafic


prof. univ. Stefan Borbely
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Articole prezentate
Perioada desfasurarii: 2012
Institutia organizatoare: Castilla - La Mancha University
Titlu articol prezentat: "Graphic Novels in Popular Culture."
Cuvinte cheie: graphic novel; popular culture
Abstract: This essay covers critical writing about how the “graphic novel” and its variations are consumed by the two paddles of highbrow and lowbrow culture. The popular manifestation of Lit comics comes to mind when one tries to enscribe them in the specific process of communication. Beyond formulaic forms or moral upliftings, suggested by Wertham & co. we are witnessing some visionary occurrences. By means of creative impetus and because of the development of the publishing establishment, the comfortable niche becomes less comfortable. Leaving behind obsolete postulates and embracing multimodality, we can observe that some skills of reading comics are very much alike the techniques used by the new media (see Schwarz & Rubinstein-Avila,
2006). The industry’s retaliatory force used an economic gimmick, the direct market: a
welcomed shift in distribution that lead to a changing audience in a now torrential market for “the graphic novel”. No longer seen as an object of commodity, the revitalised visual showmanship illustrated an eschatological maelstrom, with a redefined narrative consistency of the new comic books. We thus need to understand the public’s view of reality, its perceptual filtering, in order to delineate the reader’s response to this leap.
Then, by adding a closer look to this medium of fragments, conjunction and semantic fetching I am interested in bringing forth some comparative samples from different media platforms and even discuss the controversial theory of mediumspecificity by following the challenges of Noel Carroll or Henry John Pratt et alii. Study cases consist of relevant episodes and, in Groensteen’s terms, “the collaboration
between arthrology and spatio-topia” of the first insular works that received critical
acclaim, such as Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Maus: A Survivor’s Tale by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, but also some recent publications, such as Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware etc.
Format electronic: Book of Abstracts -- Libro de Resúmenes
Dovezi privind participarea: V Congreso SELICUP - Programa Final - Final Programme
Perioada desfasurarii: 2013
Denumire conferinta: Conferinţa Internaţională în domeniul Filologie organizată în cadrul proiectului strategic "Doctoratul: o carieră atractivă în cercetare",contra
Institutia organizatoare: Universitatea "Ştefan cel Mare" din Suceava
Titlu articol prezentat: Comics si wrestling - analiza a culturii populare (fragment)
Cuvinte cheie: comics; cultura populara; wrestling; imperialism
Abstract: Articolul de faţă face parte dintr-un capitol al tezei mele de doctorat, Romanul grafic, dedicat trilogiei celor mai influente fenomene virale ale culturii populare (conexiuni culturale cu efect de bumerang) de azi. Sunt luate în discuţie seriile de cărţi Young Adult, romanele grafice/benzile desenate (prefer denumirea anglo-americană de comics) canonizate de instanţe academice şi media, împreună cu imaginarul „nostalgic” al filmelor adaptate. Urmărim sinuozitatea esteticii utopice/distopice şi spectralitatea unor modele arhetipale versatile prezente în meciurile de wrestling şi comics (Muhammad Ali vs. Superman).
Format electronic: Format electronic
Dovezi privind participarea: marginas
Articole publicate
Revista/Volum: EKPHRASIS IMAGES, CINEMA, THEATRE, MEDIA vol. 7 • issue 1/2012 Synesthesia in Cinema and in Visual A
Anul publicarii: 2012
Indexare BDI: C.E.E.O.L: si Scipio:, CNCSIS
Titlu articol: The Spurious Case of Synesthesia in the Popular Arts
Cuvinte cheie: synaesthetic experience; popular art; rigid conceptions; medium
Abstract: Whether we talk about genuine “synaesthesia” in the context of scientific research or just exploring general realms of perception, it still remains a fascinating phenomenon. This article focuses on works that unify the senses, drawing a somewhat historical sketch, a commentary upon the thin line between highbrow art and popular forms of art. The compelling “synaesthetic experience” can also be found in the uneven mixture of image and words, thus suggesting different points of departure for further projects.
Format electronic: Format electronic
Dovezi privind publicarea: L1_ ISI(BDI)_ cuprins (revista) E7-0
Revista/Volum: International Journal of Comic Art
Anul publicarii: 2013
Indexare BDI: MLA International Bibliography, EBSCO:
Titlu articol: Romanian Cartooning
Cuvinte cheie:
Abstract: On talking about manifestations of popular culture in Romania one must contend by making an immediate observation upon the site – it resembles a bazaar. One must start to build an heirloomic status (for future popular culture conventions) by synchronizing with the unhindered participative flow. Everything is jammed into a very mesmerizing labyrinth. This type of cultural action and arrangement of space was also seen in a project called The Museum of Comics, curated by Alexandru Ciubotariu through the generosity of RCI Bucharest and MNAC. Also, an thorough analysis of the Romanian Comics Magazine and some iconic comics runned during the Communist era are shaping an intermittend "comicdom".
Format electronic: Format electronic
Dovezi privind publicarea: Dovezi privind publicarea
Revista/Volum: Cahiers Echinox Journal
Anul publicarii: 2013
Titlu articol: Book Reviews: Rodica Ilie, Adrian Lacatus, Andrei Bodiu (coord.), The Legitimation of Literature in the 20th Century: Studies on Discourses and Cultural Strategies, Brasov, Transilvania University Pre
Cuvinte cheie:
Format electronic: Format electronic
Dovezi privind publicarea: L2_ ISI(BDI)_ cuprins_revista3
Revista/Volum: Volumul Conferinţei Internaţionale în domeniul Filologie, Suceava
Anul publicarii: 2013
Indexare BDI:
Titlu articol: Comics si wrestling - analiza a culturii populare (fragment)
Cuvinte cheie: comics, wrestling
Format electronic: Format electronic
Dovezi privind publicarea: marginas
Anul publicarii:
Indexare BDI:
Titlu articol: Graphic Novels in Popular Culture
Cuvinte cheie:
Format electronic: Format electronic
Dovezi privind publicarea: Dovezi privind publicarea
Institutia primitoare:
De la:
Pana la:
Institutia primitoare: American University of Paris
De la: martie 2012
Pana la: septembrie 2012

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